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Why Levinswap?

Levinswap, developed & maintained by the LightningDAO, is an AMM DEX on the xDai chain. Its uniqueness comes from the ability to trade securities tokens, specifically, tokenized real estate tokens.
We've partnered up with RealT - tokenized real estate investment platform and by using our exchange, users can freely trade, provide liquidity and even farm with RealT tokens.
LightningDAO's mission is to build cross-chain DeFi ecosystem under one umbrella. These protocols residing on different chains will be connected via:
1. Bridged between them (Omnibridge, DAI bridge, Connext etc.)
2. LEVIN token LEVIN is a governance token for the LightningDAO.
There will only be one token created for the entire ecosystem. This unifies different chains into one, whole ecosystem.
As opposed to forking & deploying same infrastructure to different chains and issuing its own token, which effectively divides the community into different parts and the demand for the entire ecosystem diminishes.
See the comparisons of Ethereum, xDai & Polygon below:
Tx cost (avg)
Tx time (avg)
20 seconds
2-3 seconds
3-5 seconds

We believe xDai chain will play big part in the development of Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem due to it being not a competitor, but rather a sisterchain. Read more about it here.