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Why Levinswap?

Levinswap, developed & maintained by the LightningDAO, is an AMM DEX on the xDai chain. Its uniqueness comes from the ability to trade securities tokens, specifically, tokenized real estate tokens. We've partnered up with RealT - tokenized real estate investment platform and by using our exchange, users can freely trade, provide liquidity and even farm with RealT tokens.
LightningDAO's mission is to build cross-chain DeFi ecosystem under one umbrella. These protocols residing on different chains will be connected via:
1. Bridged between them (Omnibridge, DAI bridge, Connext etc.)
2. LEVIN token
LEVIN is a governance token for the LightningDAO. There will only be one token created for the entire ecosystem. This unifies different chains into one, whole ecosystem.
As opposed to forking & deploying same infrastructure to different chains and issuing its own token, which effectively divides the community into different parts and the demand for the entire ecosystem diminishes.
See the comparisons of Ethereum, xDai & Polygon below:
Tx cost (avg)
Tx time (avg)
20 seconds
2-3 seconds
3-5 seconds

Return on Investment (ROI)

There is a 0.30% fee for swapping tokens. This fee is split in two ways:
  • Protocol fee - 0.05%
  • Liquidity Provider fee - 0.25%
Liquidity providers receive fees proportional to their contribution to liquidity reserves.
Swapping fees are immediately deposited into liquidity reserves. This increases the value of liquidity tokens, functioning as a payout to all liquidity providers proportional to their share of the pool. Fees are collected by burning liquidity tokens to remove a proportional share of the underlying reserves.

Impermanent Loss (IL)

Liquidity providers are subjected to impermanent loss when providing liquidity. Any temporary loss becomes permanent when liquidity is removed from the pool.
  • a 1.25x price change results in a 0.6% loss relative to HODL
  • a 1.50x price change results in a 2.0% loss relative to HODL
  • a 1.75x price change results in a 3.8% loss relative to HODL
  • a 2x price change results in a 5.7% loss relative to HODL
  • a 3x price change results in a 13.4% loss relative to HODL
  • a 4x price change results in a 20.0% loss relative to HODL
  • a 5x price change results in a 25.5% loss relative to HODL
Liquidity providers are profitable when collected fees > impermanent loss.

Rationale Behind the Protocol Fee

We're very excited about the project and wish to grow it to the likes of Uniswap and beyond, but that requires a lot of time, money and resources. Due to the project being fairly new and the team behind very small, we'll have to find a way to fund the project. Uniswap, for example, had a successful token launch and at the moment there is no need for them to turn on the protocol fee, project got funded via issuing UNI token. Same can be said about Sushiswap, Honeyswap etc.
Having the protocol fee encourages us to grow the ecosystem and be focused not on the short term, but on the long term future of the proejct - and we prefer it to stay that way.
This, however, does not mean that we won't issue our own token, but when we will, overwhelming percentage of the supply will be in the hands of the community. Raising funds with our own Levin token - that is, distributing tokens, have it trade on exchanges and selling X amount of tokens reserved for development, will help us bootstrap the project and bring a lot of products, which the market lacks.

Liquidity Farming

Liquidity providers of Levinswap will be able to stake their LP tokens to the Farm(s) in return for Levin (token) to encourage keeping liquidity in Levinswap.
Initial farming amount and the deadline - when it starts and when it ends - initially, will be determined by the team. By the time the farm ends, we'll have set up the necessary infrastructure for creating and maintaining new farms.


Levinswap is a fork of Uniswap on xDai.


Frontend Interface

The front-end is deployed at app.levinswap.org. Surce code can be found here.
The major modifications are rebranding, removing governance UI and a modified token list set.


Analyitics front-end is deployed at info.levinswap.org. Source code can be found here.
The major modifications are rebranding, changing etherscan to blockscout and adjusted token list and factory addresses.


Uniswap V2 Subgraph: A fork of the official Uniswap v2 subgraph with adjustments to use xDai as the base currency and a modified set of whitelisted tokens. Source code can be found here.
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