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Liquidity Pool

How to provide Liquidity to Levinswap
Anyone can provide liquidity to any pool they wish to This guide will show you how to add liquidity on Levinswap, and how to check your liquidity using the analytics page.
1) Visit app.levinswap.org and connect your wallet by clicking the ‘Connect to a wallet’ button in the top right.
2) Once your wallet is connected, you’re ready to trade and/or provide liquidity. In order to provide liquidity, you must have equal parts of two tokens. For this guide, I will provide liquidity to XDAI/STAKE pair.
3) Click the ‘Pool' button in the top left, and click ‘Add Liquidity’.
4) Here you can select a token to you wish to provide liquidity for, in this case I'm going to pick STAKE.
6) Type in the amount of token X or token Y you wish to provide. Then click "Approve X" - confirm the transaction - wait until it's approved. Then click "Supply", "Confirm Supply", confirm the transaction and that's it. You've provided liquidity to Levinswap.
You'll be able to view/manager your LP position within the same page.
Note: When you type X amount of token, exchange automatically adjusts how much of the other token you need to provide as well.
If you wish to see how much liquidity you've provided, the fees you've earned and all other relevant information, you can visit analytics page and search for your address.