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Experiment with xDai

Get 0.01 xDai to start experimenting

xDai Faucet

For anyone interested in experimenting with xDai before bridging tokens from the Ethereum mainnet, you can use the xDai faucet to claim 0.01 xDai (~ 1 cent) for free, which is enough to execute a few transactions on xDai. Anyone can top-up the xDai faucet balance.
Courtesy of 1Hive and RaidGuild.
Ensure that Gwei is always 1, not matter what Metamask changes it to. On xDai, Gwei cost is always 1. Setting it to more than 1 will waste your xDai. As for gas limit, leave it as be.
The xDai Block Explorer - can be used to see transactions and accounts.
If you require help with bridging, trading, providing liquidity etc. please refer to #help section in our Discord server.