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🍹LevinBar (LIVE)

How to stake LEVIN

What is LevinBar?

Users pay 0.3% fee for each swap on Levinswap, from which 0.25% goes to LP providers and 0.05% will go to LEVIN holders.
Simply put: LevinBar will allow users to stake their LEVIN token and in return, earn more LEVIN.

How does LevinBar work?

Users lock up their LEVIN tokens and in return get xLEVIN tokens.
LevinMaker takes the 0.05% fee that it got from Levinswap in LP tokens and converts them into LEVIN. After that, the0.05% fee in LEVIN is divided up proportionally between all xLEVIN holders in the pool.

How can I stake?

  1. 1.
    Go to stake.levinswap.org and connect your wallet
2. Type in the amount of LEVIN you wish to stake. “Approve LEVIN” and “Confirm” the transaction
That’s it! After the transaction has been confirmed, you should see your xLEVIN balance update.
It’s important to note that you won’t be seeing your xLEVIN balance increase, rather, when you try and convert xLEVIN into LEVIN, the amount of LEVIN you’ll be getting will be higher than what you’ve originally deposited.