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Add Token to Metamask

How to add token balance to Metamask
Now that you have bridged to xDai, you will need to add the token to MetaMask to view.
Option A:
Visit App.levinswap.org and click "Metamask Levin" button at top. You'll get Metamask prompt asking you if you wish to add the token. Click "Add token".
Option B:
1) Switch your MetaMask to the xDai chain (if you haven't setup yet, instructions here). Click on Assets, then scroll down and click Add Token.
2) Select Custom Token and paste in the address from your newly bridged token. You can find this in several ways. The remaining fields should autopopulate (Symbol and Decimals of Precision). Click Next. Note: Do not use the search feature, as this will search for tokens on Ethereum Mainnet.
3) Click Add Tokens to add to your wallet on the xDai chain.
Guide was taken from Tokenbridge. For more information regarding the bridge, please refer to docs.tokenbridge.net.