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LightningDAO Roadmap
We'd like to share our future plans with the community, where we're planning to go and in what direction. On this page, you'll be able to see our current roadmap, what we've achieved, what we're working and what's planned to be worked on.
NOTE: Deadlines might change
Postponed - ❗
Ongoing - ⌛
Done - ✅
Planned for future - 🕒

🎯 2021 - Q2


Coingecko - Levinswap & $LEVIN has been listed on Coingecko
Coinmarketcap - Levinswap has been listed on Coinmarketcap
June, July, August
NFT - Implement and integrate Lightning NFT into LightningDAO ecosystem with a special use-case
Levin Dashboard - Allowing users to trade, manage/provide liquidity, farm, stake, vote on proposals and more within a single Dapp
Bridge LEVIN token to Ethereum mainnet
🕒 Fork Levinswap to Polygon (Matic) - Expand the LightningDAO ecosystem to other Layer 2 scaling solutions. Expanding the user-base and value of the ecosystem
🕒 Tracking - dashboard for Levinswap (LP value, impermanent loss, fees accrued etc.)
🕒 Integrate PoolTogether into the ecosystem
🕒 Better, more effective DAO governance mechanism
🕒 Listing on DeFiPulse
🕒 Custom token list - Allow users to create their own custom token list(s) on Levinswap

🎯 2021 - Q3

🕒 Limit orders - Allow users to trade with limit orders on Levinswap
🕒 Fork and integrate a lending protocol - Give LightningDAO members ability to lend/borrow with/against their crypto assets, including real estate RealT tokens.