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👨‍🌾Farming (LIVE)

How to farm LEVIN

General information

Farming is a good way to attract new liquidity providers, but it's a bit different when it comes to xDai.
Due to xDai being a growing ecosystem, it doesn't have a lot of liquidity and that - the problem of illiquid markets - makes farming less desirable for certain individuals residing on the mainnet.

Levinfarm Phases

New farming pair(s) will be added every week

Phase 1

Phase 1 will consist of LEVIN/XDAI, STAKE/XDAI and REALT/LEVIN. Additional farming pairs will be added every week.
NOTE: In future, there will be REALT/ETH pairs available.
Phase 2 and onwards
Entering phase 2 and onwards just means we'll be strategically adding different pairs to the farm.

Farming Distribution

Total Levin tokens set apart for farming (1 year period): 1,150,000
Distribution of 1,150,00 Levin tokens among farms is calculated by how much we'd like to distribute for each farming pair, per block.
Calculations for the first phase:
  • LEVIN/XDAI - 0.026 LEVIN per block
  • STAKE/XDAI - 0.0174 LEVIN per block
  • REALT/LEVIN - 0.0174 LEVIN per block
Total distribution of Levin tokens per block - 0.0608
Planned Pairs